Peeling face can be divided in:



Whose action is in the epidermis.



Whose action is in the papillary dermis.



Whose action is in the reticular dermis.

Types of Peeling

Following the clinical alteration, we will indicate peeling or another one.

Chemical Peeling

Indicated to improve the texture of the skin. It consists of the application on the acid skin that obtains the renovation of certain layers of the epidermis and/or dermis. In the later days a variable moulting in intensity and duration based on the type of peeling is normal.

The objective of peeling is to promote a cellular renovation of the deepest layer to the surface, being fought therefore the cellular aging, in this way we secured a younger aspect, improving the tone, the texture of the skin, spots and attenuating wrinkles.

Peeling for the Acne

It consists of some chemical preparations that are used as exfoliation technique. It produces an stimulation of the collagen and an improvement of the quality of the skin and favors the multiplication of the cells of the epidermis. The result is a smoother, smooth and shining skin. The treatment can be repeated every two months.

The chemical agents are applied on the skin to eliminate all the dead cells and to stimulate the production of new cells. The time of treatment is of approximately 1 hour.

Peeling Despigmentante

This type of technique consists of a strong exfoliation of the skin with aesthetic and therapeutic aims. One is peeling chemical that produces epidermolisis and cutaneous spare part. He improves the cutaneous problems of irregular pigmentation, scars of acne, skins damaged by the sun, spots of the oldness, freckles, reduces the wrinkles and he recovers the skin conferring it a more youthful aspect.

He is realised with an acid combination with retinoic acid, acid k³jico, hydroquinone and dexamethasone. He acts of gradual form by means of repetitive moultings obtaining a despigmentaci³n of the skin that eliminates the sunspots.

The treatment is applied on the zone to try so that the pigmented skin descame little by little of form is uniformed and progressive, eliminating therefore the spots of mel¡nico origin. The descamada dermis is able to renew and to regenerate, recovers its smoothness and luminosity. Its improvement begins hardly to be appraised in some later days to the application of the treatment.

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