Radio frequency How to fight the bat skin?

Our secret, the Radio frequency.

But first we let a route to know what is happening€¦

Over the years our skin loses elasticity because of the degeneration of our cells in charge to maintain optimal levels of tension.

What it is translated in which some of our more visible parts as our arms, thighs or decollete undergo the effects of loss of elasticity and happen commonly to the well-known state of €œbat skin€.

In order to fight these symptoms, in Clinic Rivas Medicine we used the Radio frequency. A technique applied by our doctors of recognized prestige that provides the following results between 3 and 6 weeks:

Effects in our skin:

- The fibroblasts, that are the most abundant cells of the skin and elastic they generate tension refirmando and toning the skin.

- We generated the new collagen and we increased the elasticity.

Effects concerning subcutaneous cellular weave:

- Our metabolism increases.

- Our circulation improves.

- We obtained a reorganization of retin¡cula skin (septos fibrous of the subcutaneous cellular weave).

In Clinic Rivas Medicine we create in a treatment I personalize to size and. For that reason, in your first visit we offer to you of gratuitous way and without commitment:

  • An anthropometric Study.
  • Diagnosis of Profile of obesity.
  • An analysis of segmental Impedanciometr­a.
  • A Measurement of you fold.
  • And an Ecography of pan­culo fatty.