According to it publishes Europa Press in his page, new studies of the National Laboratory Lawrence Berkeley (Berkeley Lab), the USA, demonstrate the emission of injurious substances of electronic cigarettes.

These devices that have arisen as alternative to the tobacco, are not as innocuous as it seemed. According to the mentioned study, in the substance that is vaporized in the electronic cigarette, they are present dissolvents that produce chemical agent emissions.

All the electronic cigarettes emit injurious chemical substances, but some more than others. And in addition, the emission increases with time of use.

According to the study, the carcinogen or irritating emissions of respiratory, as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein, increased with time of use of the device.

The more it is used an electronic cigarette, the more residues are accumulated in his interior, having increased therefore the emission of injurious substances.

According to this, to vapear could almost be, almost, as bad as to smoke. And it does not seem a too healthful method to try to come off itself the addiction to the tobacco. We could affirm, that the cardiovascular and cancerigenic risks are reduced a little, but they are not eliminated.

To day of today, the more effective therapies anti-tobacco are those than they act of natural way stimulating the organism so that it does not feel the nicotine necessity. Therapies that use the stimulation by laser applied to psico-emotional centers, to avoid the addiction of an innocuous and immediate way.

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