The last advance of science in the fight to fight the signs of the age. The Profhilo is a combination of vitamins and elements, as the hyaluronic acid, that applied in the skin secures one immediate smoothness, while they facilitate cellular regeneration and they contribute an intensive hydration.

From the start of the treatment, it is possible to be noticed visibly that the treated skin has become more vital and luminous. In fact the majority of the treatments only requires of two sessions with a month of total duration. When finalizing the skin has recovered a smoothness similar to the one of youth.

€œErres€ fulfills the three: retensa, regenerates and rehidrata.

He is fast and painless.  In each session microinjections inoculate, in strategically important points of the zone to try, some small doses that produce neither pain nor annoyances.

It is applied in only two sessions and next he is recommendable to realise maintenance sessions every four or five months.

In the case of the face, that it is the most habitual treatment, 5 breaking stresses are applied, with this is sufficient to be able to tighten the totality of the face skin, avoiding their flaccidity and their results notice from the first application.

For whom it is indicated?

The treatments with Profhilo are not recommendable for younger skins, exist other options as peelings or vitamins to stimulate the beauty of the skin, that are more suitable to that age. Nevertheless between 35 and 60 years, a more effective method for the face rejuvenation does not exist.

Can the patient realise normal life after a treatment with Profhilo?

He does not have side effects, nor he supposes any type of alteration of your daily activity. Simply he is recommendable during the day of the session not to make physical exercise hard that brings about intense perspiration and not to expose themselves to steam sources.

He has some type of contraindication?

None, unless the patient is allergic to hiaulur³nico acid. Which is extremely rare.

If you have interest in the rejuvenation solutions that offer the Profhilo system, you do not doubt in consulting to us, we will evaluate without commitment your tactical mission and our specialized medical equipment will advise to you more on the adapted doctor-aesthetic solutions for you.

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