The addiction to the tobacco is one of the majors problems of health of our present society. But why have so many people acquired the habit to smoke? and mainly why it is so difficult to leave this injurious vice?

The explanation is simple, as it shelp the old song: to smoke is a pleasure. The nicotine produces a Dopamine liberation in the organism, a neurotransmitter related to the sensation of pleasing in the brain. For that reason it is easy €œto enlist to the nicotine€. The difficult thing is to follow after the habit.

The habit dominates to us, makes think us that we cannot live without smoking, obsesses the idea to us to ignite another cigarette€¦ And that is because our nervous system is requesting us more dopamine. To surpass this impulse, is frankly difficult without help.

There is an important physical component that it affects to our psychology and that forces to us to continue smoking. But luckily, the advances of the medicine, are shortage methods that affect the root of the problem directly and that allows us to leave the insane habit to smoke, of a way, simple and fast.

In Medicine Clinic Rivas Outpost, we have a Unit of Tobacco addiction specialized in the most recent and effective technique: the laser of low intensity. A system that, by means of the application on certain centers of our organism, stimulates the natural production of neurotransmisoras hormones that contributed the nicotine to us, obtaining that the nervousness symptoms are annulled, anxiety, frustration, irritability€¦ And releasing to us of desire to smoke of fast, comfortable way and without no type of contraindications.

If you are thinking about stopping smoking once and for all, now she can do it very easily: it only must consult to us.