Little by little, every time they are plus the people who are able to leave their addiction to the tobacco. According to the consumption data, the tobacco sale in Spain has returned to the levels from 50 years ago. The good news that it indicates that every day more people confront their problem, they look for help and they are able to eradicate his addiction and to improve his health.

The tobacco, as already we know, contains more than 7,000 different chemical substances, of which it is verified that 69 of them, bring about cancer.

The present society, is conscious of the risks for the health that entails the tobacco consumption and has decided that this vice is already old-fashioned.

To smoke is something that belongs to the past, that it does not go with the type of life which we took today, where the healthy life, has become an important value. Certain campaigns, as the initiate this year by the League against the cancer, on the occasion of D­a Mundial Sin Tabaco, help to bring back to consciousness of the necessity to leave this inherited ballast, that has been the tobacco consumption.

The young people are conscious of the danger to fall in the networks of the nicotine and every time they are except smokings who begin in this insane vice. And luckily also, every time they are plus the options of help for smokings who want to stop being it.

In Medicine Clinics outpost, we have an effective, fast and comfortable treatment to all those that wish to forget the tobacco for always. That they do not want to drag vices of other times and that want to add themselves to the current trends to take a healthy life from a physical and mental point of view.

If you are still one of those people who have remained catched in a fashion of many years ago, ponte to the last one, consults to us.