One of the most habitual reactions of our organism before situations of stress or anxiety it is to eat compulsively. It is a natural answer of the body, but it has some demolishing consequences: The Cortisol level increases and with him it increases our weight.
It is one of the answers of our body before stress and anxiety. A natural reaction before situations that trouble to us, that brings about an elevation of the Cortisol level, hormone which we produce before the fear and that says to him to our brain that what must do is to eat and to eat.
Obvious this dysfunction brings about immediately an increase of weight and consequently problems of self-esteem, problems of health and a new situation of anxiety that forces to us to eat more and more. A vicious circle of which it is not easy to escape and that it requires the help of professionals of the dietetic one who help to release us to us of that dictatorship of Cortisol.
If we are surprised same before the refrigerator, eating any thing that we have by hand, chewing fast, looking for another food and another one without being able to reduce that false sensation of hunger, we have a problem and we must go the sooner to specialized dietistas that help us to leave that eddy.
In the Dietetic unit of Medicine Clinics Outpost, our specialists in nutrition teach to you to eat, they design the optimal diet for your metabolism and they support you in the process so that to lose those kilos of is more a simple and effective task.
Simple but very effective advice, as eating slowly and enjoying each mouthful. To reduce I peck between hours. To choose the foods and the amounts that our organism needs. They are dynamic that will help you to break that spiral and mainly to be in form and to feel with you mismo/a well to you.
The real problem is not how to clear the kilos that exceed, it is how to avoid that they return time and time again. And that, is only obtained with the support of good professionals. Verify it, requests your appointment now.