During the summer, our skin undergoes tremendous aggressions: the excessive exhibition to the sun, the chlorine of the swimming pools, the salt of the sea€¦ no matter how much we are applied nutritious creams, ultraviolet hidratantes or protective oils, the result is that our skin loses its smooth texture and its luminosity, appear spots, skin of lizard and dryness. How to fight it? How to obtain that your face returns to be radiating? It is simple, you only need to regenerate your skin and to release it of the spots and imperfections with a treatment that gives back its vitality to him.

While we secured that brown tone that as much we like, in fact what we do to him to our skin is to put under it a dehydration process, that the creams are not able to stop. The skin, as natural reaction to this attack, increases its thickness to defend itself of the radiations and that is the cause of the loss of luminosity, the appearance of spots and that rough aspect that as much inconveniences to us. The solution: a good exfoliation and an intense rehydration.

In Medicine Clinics Outpost, we realised effective peeling despigmentante. Peeling chemical that helps to reduce the brands and wrinkles of expression and that consists of a strong exfoliation of the skin with aesthetic and therapeutic aims. This treatment brings about a natural moulting, by means of a chemical reaction that produces epiderm³lisis and cutaneous spare part. This improvement the skin problems of irregular pigmentation, scars of acne, eliminates the damages caused by the sun, the oldness spots, the freckles, reduces the wrinkles and recovers the skin conferring to him a more youthful aspect.

A combination of elements with retinoic acid, acid k³jico, hydroquinone and dexamethasone, acts of gradual form by means of repetitive moultings obtaining a despigmentaci³n of the skin that eliminates the sunspots. It is applied so that the pigmented skin descame little by little of form is uniformed and progressive, eliminating therefore the spots of mel¡nico origin. The descamada dermis is able to renew and to regenerate, recovers its smoothness and luminosity. And, mainly, the results are immediate, the improvement begins to be appraised in very few days. Following the state and type leather the action repeats the necessary times, until securing the wished result.

If the summer has passed him invoice to your skin, you do not doubt it, it requests appointment now and it recovers all the beauty of a smooth skin and heals