He is inevitable that the teeth are stained and yellowed, especially if we are smokings or we drink coffee frequently. Traditionally numerous methods, more or less successful have been used to try to whiten the teeth and to have a shining smile, next, we are going to review some of the known tricks more:

1. The orange peel. The teeth rub during a minute with the interior of the rind of an orange, so that the substances of mesocarpio act.

2. The strawberries with bicarbonate. It does not sound very tempting but the strawberry contains agents natural launderers.

3. To eat foods as the apple or the papaya, also healthy gingivae and some collaborate to maintain some white teeth.

4. The leaves of salvia also have blanqueantes properties.

5. Water oxygenated diluted in water and applied with cotton.

These methods, can help to clean some spots, but of course they are not very effective and some of them until can damage the enamel of the teeth.

At present the safest form to shine a luminous smile, is to go to the specialists. In Medicine Clinic Rivas Outpost, we offer dental blanqueamiento according to the medical needs of the patient, with the best results, insurance and trustworthy, it does not damage the enamel and it does not own any contraindication.

The treatment is simple, are enough a pair of sessions of about 20 minutes and soon to continue at home with some rules that reinforce the blanqueamiento action.

Luckily, nowadays aesthetic health and walks of the hand and we do not have why to resort to ancestral remedies, but we can be taken care of the hand of the professionals.