To control the growth of the teeth in the children, is the most elementary way to obtain than of majors they have a beautiful smile.

Frequently the problems of dental malformations that need correction in the childhood and adolescence, have their origin in the habits acquired in the stage of babies. For that reason it is good for controlling the dental development from in a moment, to avoid future complications.

According to it has published the ABC Newspaper recently in his section Health, the main ortod³ncicas associations of the world, advise a revision on the part of a ortodoncista when the children turn 6 years. It is the best way in time to detect problems that can be solved of a simple way while the stage of the growth lasts, being difficult and expensive to solve in the adult age.

The article indicates that the maternal lactation is beneficial, because it has been verified that the suction of the nipple is the best exercise for the growth and development of the mouth.

The pacifier is a very useful instrument, as much for kids as for its parents and it does not produce dental malformations whenever it give ins before the three years.

It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the pacifier in relation to the mouth of the baby, because if it is not adapted it will harness that deformations can be generated.

The advice who propose us to avoid dental problems of majors are:

  • To use the pacifier as method to avoid the suction of the finger, that has some more serious sequels.
  • To limit the use of the pacifier the 18-24 months of age, since it exists a strong association between this habit and the alteration in the position of the language that can give rise bad to bitten bad occlusions or.
  • Not to use it to delay a food.
  • Whenever the pacifier is left in time is, even, positive: in addition to reducing the incidence of sudden death, the pacifier calms the anxiety and the pain the small ones.

And, in any case, a visit to the ortodoncista, always will guarantee to us that our children in the future will smile shining some healthy and strong teeth.