Dermapen is an innovating treatment that is able to rejuvenate the skin, by means of a natural process that recovers collagen and elastin.

It affirms it raises and it rejuvenates the skin. Dermapen, also call therapy of micro puncture, consists of an electronics, as a pencil, that by means of multiple extremely fine needles, perforates the skin vertically and brings about the cellular stimulation that activates the natural collagen production.

The depth of the perforation comes determined by the own zone to treat and its pathology. What the treatment persecutes is the generation of collagen by the cells of the own patient, which is extremely effective for the reduction from the wrinkles and lines of expression. Also it offers excellent results as treatment anti-you flute or for scars and brands of acne.

The treatment does not have side effects, beyond a slight reddening during 12-24 hours.  And normally it consists of 3 to 5 sessions, that can repeat every 5 or 6 weeks, based on own cutaneous regeneration.

Type of skins can be applied with total security mainly and is very effective if he is used in sensible zones leather fine, such as the eyelids, the neck or the decollete.

The results are progressive, according to the natural production of collagen in each patient. But generally improvement in the tone and texture of the skin as of the third week of treatment is appraised.

It is a therapy that avoids the pain and the own malaise of other treatments and especially is recommended stops: scars, rejuvenation, acne and sunspots


Dermapen is a treatment that, through a process of natural treatment, help to disguise old scars and imperfections of the skin. The action on the skin of the ultra-thin needles, with which multiple punctures are realised, generates a natural answer of treatment of the skin, that she stops, produces the new collagen and elastin. This improvement the quality and texture of the skin facilitating a smoother tact and signs, while it stumps the ugly scars.


The substances that compose the active principles of Dermapen bring about immediately a tensile effect in the skin, dissuade the fibroblasts, while the natural collagen production is stimulated. For that reason it acts as a great stabilizer and antioxidant of cellular membranes, creating a layer of protection against the damages that produce the free radicals. In addition it favors the recovery of the skin regenerating the fibroblasts. Thus a remarkable reduction of the wrinkles, an important improvement in the firmness of the skin is obtained and an increase of its elasticity.


Dermapen is a very effective treatment against all type of inflammatory acne or as not-inflammatory. Help to the diminution in the appearance of shinbones, controls the fat accumulation and tallow, eliminates the dead skins and the bacteria and acts as antinflamatorio. Also he is determining in the formation of fibroblasts, that facilitates the reduction of brands and depressions brought about by the acne. It generates the natural production of collagen and elastin, to recover the vitality and smoothness of the skin.


The face spots not always are easy to eliminate. Normally it is precise to realise an exhaustive initial valuation and a detailed study, to determine the most suitable treatment according to the origin and the situation of the same.

Dermapen offers a great advantage, because it inhibits the action of tyrosinase, a determining enzyme in the melanog©nesis or synthesis of the melanin. The action of the active principles of the treatment, reduces of sensible way the hyperpigmentation, this manages to contribute luminosity to the skin and gives uniformity to its tone. In addition to helping to the regeneration and the diminution of wrinkles.

Dermapen is effective against all the signs of dark spots. When falling the hyperpigmentation, the excess of melanin production, is reduced the risk of the appearance of solar lent­geno, melasma and cloasma.

Evolution post-cure

A slight reddening in a period of 12 to 24 hours can take place. Little by little it will disappear and the revitalizadores effects of collagen will be appraised.


Between 3 and 5 sessions, that can be repeated in intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.

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