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Medicine clinics Outpost count with more than fifteen years of experience in the Medical, Aesthetic and Dental sector.


Medical quality

Our equipment is made up of professionals highly qualified and trained in its specialties.



Our commitment is to offer specific treatments on the basis of the needs of each patient with medical supervision.



We facilitate a financing to size so that all the clients can accede to the treatments and worked with insuring private.

Aesthetic medicine


The face wrinkles come caused by three factors €œnails€, emphasizing the loss of elasticity that atrophies the dermis, dehydrating it and contributing to the degeneration of the skin and the formation of wrinkles.


Our corporal treatments adapt to the habits and needs of our patients. We study your case exclusively advising you to improve your quality of life and your image.

Plastic surgery

The plastic surgery is the medical specialty that intends the correction and improvement of physical aspects. Advise to you by specialized doctors and you know the best alternative.


The treatments of hair stimulation are very recommendable to prevent or to slow down the degenerative process of the follicles.

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